• Question: who do u like out of one direction or jls

    Asked by lilymay123 to Andrei, Ekbal, Gemma, Helen, Ruth on 23 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Helen Gath

      Helen Gath answered on 23 Jun 2014:

      Hi LilyMay.

      Yes! You’ve got to love a bit of One Direction, I think my favourite song is That’s What Make You Beautiful….a classic. Well, Louis and Niall always come across very well, but never met them personally so can’t say.

      From JLS, who I prefer over One Direction, it’s got to be Marvin. He’s one year older and shares my birthday! I think that’s a sign….

      Who are your favourites?

    • Photo: Ekbal Hussain

      Ekbal Hussain answered on 23 Jun 2014:


      I must confess, I don’t actually listen to much of One Direction or JLS sorry!

      But I do like One Direction’s, “Thatโ€™s What Makes You Beautiful”. I think I’ve danced to it a some point ๐Ÿ™‚ I do like that both bands do lots of charity work and help raise money for good causes.


    • Photo: Ruth Nottingham

      Ruth Nottingham answered on 23 Jun 2014:

      I was on the same university course as Gemma sStyles ( the sister of Harry Styles) so I guess Harry is my favourite from One Direction!

    • Photo: Gemma Marsden

      Gemma Marsden answered on 23 Jun 2014:

      Hi Liliymay123,
      I’m afraid I don’t really listen to pop music. I listen to music by Linkin Park, Blink182 and even some my chemical romance.

    • Photo: Andrei Luchici

      Andrei Luchici answered on 24 Jun 2014:

      Arghhhhh… I’m afraid neither of them at the moment. I liked the first song JLS came out with ๐Ÿ™‚